“I’d been stuck doing the same routine, not increasing in strength and had plateaued, but after just 4 weeks training with Andrea I had increased my maximum bench by 30 kgs and squats a massive 40 kgs more than I could previously lift!  I had been training for years, by myself and with a personal trainer, and had never had those kind of sudden increases in performance before. She always got the best out of me and pushed me to my limit, and I got the results to show for it. Her enthusiasm and positivity are infectious and she helped me change my whole way of thinking around.”
Daniel, Sales Consultant

“Always full of energy, amazingly positive and a real inspiration to work with. Andrea motivates and challenges me, and her professional, yet relaxed and easy going nature means she’s really great to work with.”
Mike, Operations Manager


“Andrea is like a living walking talking doing catch phrase  ‘Live life to the full!’  “Life is like a box of chocolates” “Learn from your mistakes” “The glass is always half full” Andrea’s life is one amazing journey that only she can take. She jumps in at the deep end of everything she does with no turning back, even if she regrets that jump she makes the best of the situation while the rest of us just hope and pray that she’s got through with a smile still on her face, and she always does!!  At the drop of a hat she will take on a challenge and the bigger the challenge to her mentally and physically, the more determined she is to achieve. I needed a last minute team member for an adventure race and she happened to be in the country, immediately putting up her hand to make our 3rd member. She was so positive, so encouraging, and even when another member could no longer ride her bike, Andrea took her pack carrying it on her front with hers on her back, while still riding her bike and encouraging the rest of us!  And that sums Andrea Peebles up, even when things are really tough she keeps going, carrying the load with amazing positivity!!

Johanna, Massage Therapist