Our Beliefs


RE -IGNITE LIFE is based on:

  • Challenging oneself (your body and mind)
  • Pushing the boundaries of everyday ‘normal’ life (and your bodies physical capabilities) to something extraordinary
  • Being afraid (we are still human) but still going after what truly excites you in life
  • Living your true passion in life (the focus being on ‘living’ as in not restricting or being obsessive about it.)

Everyone of us has dreams and ambitions although we spend a lot of time doubting ourselves, thinking we’re not good enough,  smart enough,strong enough; and very few of us become who we could or want to be. To follow what we’re most passionate about and to succeed takes determination, perseverance, discipline, motivation and courage, and not many people act like they’re constantly made of this.
When you set yourself a challenging physical goal such as a Marathon you have a chance to face these fears head on. To cross that finish line, you have developed your determination, perseverance, discipline, motivation and courage. To take on and overcome a challenge of such proportions you walk away with benefits that can never be taken away from you. It’s one thing to think you can do something, and it’s another to know, because you’ve done it. You’ve done what few will ever do, what you thought you could not do, and that is all you need to repeat in order to achieve success in all other areas of your life.

By using the achievement of a great physical adventure (such as RE-IGNITE LIFE does) to challenge yourself in such a way you find a strong, resilient determination inside of you, you foster a proud self respect and inspired self confidence, and the knowledge that you can make things happen.

And that’s where the magic of RE-IGNITE LIFE happens.

That is what RE-IGNITE LIFE is all about, and that is what the Founder of RE-IGNITE LIFE, Andrea Peebles is so passionate to bring to you all.


Although be careful of Andrea’s infectious, almost over the top energy and dynamism. She’ll be your most raging fan, have you believing in yourself and your goals, and be almost more excited than you are to achieving them!

And achieve them you will with Andrea by your side.

May the force be with you!