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Meet Andrea

Andrea is a 30 something young, outgoing, active and energising woman with a huge passion for making the most of life and embracing the wonderous opportunities life brings and doing lots of ‘stuff’!

Andrea started her career in the fitness industry at the age of 17 instructing Aerobics and Aqua aerobics and later became a Gym Instructor. She then studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Occupational Therapy) and then onto a Post Graduate Certificate in Health.

She grew up at the pool and the beaches (with Swimming and Surf Life Saving) and the countryside (with the Pony Club) in Taranaki. She’d won a medal at the New Zealand Surf Life Saving Championships at 17, run her first marathon at 19, played Netball, Hockey, Touch Rugby, and been involved in Triathlons, Cross Country, Equestrian, Swimming, Taekwondo, Kayaking, Athletics, Cycling  (as well as being a terrible Clarinet and Piano player, and thinking she was good at the Drums.) Andrea also lived a pretty ordinary life, owned a house, lived with her partner and his young daughter, worked hard at her career, and struggled with her weight and fitness goals.

Her achievement of the Coast to Coast, a 280km Multi-sport Race from one side of New Zealand to the other,  driven by her love of the outdoors and setting big challenges, opened up an unrelenting passion to travel and explore, and fostered an internal belief that anything was possible.
After her father’s death in 2009 this also fueled Andrea even more to really seek out her true passions in life and she left for the grey skies of London where at the age of 29 she began to really live life, seizing and making the most of opportunities; having her cake and eating it too (she just made sure she saved some for the next day:)


Andrea now is a absolute walking (mostly running or cycling however) contradiction.

Her love of adventures and the outdoors, the wilderness and its silence, beauty and incredible vastness; she feels at home and is energised exploring a strange country alone by bicycle, yet Andrea is drawn like a moth to light to energetic crowds, uplifting music and cultural experiences. She feels alive and energised meeting and being around people, and loves to entertain. But she combines both loves in an always amusing way, cycling 5 hours to get to a 5 day Music Festival, running across the country yet ensuring she hits the town that night to experience the night life the city has to offer.

Most recently Andrea cycled solo the length of Scotland and England, peddling over 2000km, carrying her tent (and laptop!!?) and riding through snow (in Summer!) and camping in forests, deserted sheds, people’s front lawns and the side of the road . However always riding along with a smile (or somewhat grimace at the more hillier of times!)

She then proceeded to run an Ultramarathon, 112km across England, and ended her British holiday with a Tough Mudder in London.


Ten days after her arrival to Australia she was excited to be asked to replace an injured team member in the Kokoda Challenge. Andrea welcomed this 96km non stop challenge, and such began her introduction to the way of life down under.

It’s no wonder Andrea believes she makes the most out of every experience and opportunity to really ‘live’ life, and loves a demanding challenge.


RE -IGNITE LIFE is based on the accumulation of  the principles of Andrea’s life enhancing and life changing  experiences: Challenging oneself, pushing the boundaries of everyday life, being afraid (we are still human) but still going after what truly excites you in life, and living your true passion in life (the focus being on ‘living’ as in not restricting or being obsessive about it.)

By using the achievement of a great physical adventure (such as RE-IGNITE LIFE does) to challenge yourself in such a way you find a strong, resilient determination inside of you, you foster a proud self respect and inspired self confidence, and the knowledge that you can make things happen. And that what Andrea believes is all you need to repeat in order to achieve success in your life.
That is what RE-IGNITE LIFE is all about, and that is what Andrea is so passionate to bring to you all.

Although be careful of her infectious, almost over the top energy and dynamism. She’ll be your most raging fan, have you believing in yourself and your goals, and be almost more excited than you are to achieving them!

And achieve them you will with Andrea by your side.

May the force be with you!