How we do it


We offer full lifestyle transformations
(for your body, mind and your lifestyle)
We don’t just work on your body, we’re after success in every area of your life and we’ll work with you to get the body, mindset and lifestyle you want and deserve.


How we do it:

We only do it outdoors

  • Training outdoors offers a challenging and unpredictable physical and mental training environment (dealing with the terrain and elements.)
  • It is also a refreshing, stimulating, and therapeutic environment (being out in the fresh air and sunshine and surrounded by nature.)
  • But ultimately there is no better way to prepare the body for the up and coming outdoor physical challenge!


It’s all about you

  • Consistency and personal attention
  • You’ll have the same Health and Lifestyle Professional for both your Personal and Group training, and your Life Success sessions
  • This ensures a seamless approach to your goals and lifestyle plan and enables you the maximum amount of involvement and input with your Health and Lifestyle Professional, and ultimately your success!

It’s all about effort

  • Short, intense and concentrated, and super effective
  • We know you’re busy, and we’re committed to giving you the best results possible in the shortest amount of time. Note we did not say with the shortest amount of effort however.
  • Sessions will be hard, they will be intense, however they’ll only be 35minutes, but by jez they will work!
  • We will expect you to come prepared (for all Training and Life Success sessions), and ready to work. Hard. Efficiently. Effectively. Giving you the time to actually make those changes in your lives!

It’s all about results

  • Results driven and accountable
  • We keep our word (and expect you to do the same) and are dedicated to and driven to getting you results.
  • We have an extensive assessment and planning phase and will work with you to set exciting, measurable goals (and get you there!)
  • We’ll constantly review and assess them regularly to ensure we’re on track to get you success!