Frequently asked questions

I know I want some things to change in my life, but I’m not really sure what I want, does that matter? 

Noooooooo, not at all! Finding that out is also part of the exciting coaching journey! If you’ve made a decision that you want to change some things in your life, like to start having some fun, getting out more, and doing more of the things you enjoy; then that’s a fantastic start!
Get a ticket for the coaching journey and together we’ll figure out the amazing destination, and all the fantastic stop offs along the way!
(Although, if you know where you are and also where you’d like to be (fantastic!) we’ll help support, challenge and guide you along the way.)


Do I have to be training for an Adventure event?

Yes, however not necessarily right away.
RE-IGNITE LIFE’S mission is to inspire, support and coach people to make change and obtain success in their lives through the training for and achievement of a physical adventure or challenge.

Our belief behind this is by achieving something you previous thought impossible, you’ve developed and walked away with benefits such as determination, perseverance, discipline, motivation and courage. You’ve done what few will do, and what you thought you could not do, and that is all you need to repeat in order to gain success in all areas of your life.
So yes it is important to be working towards a physical challenge or adventure. We want you to overcome a challenge of such proportions you come away with benefits in the form of confidence, fearlessness and self respect!
So dare to dream!

What would you love to do? Love to achieve? (it needs to be a physical goal that excites you, but also makes you feel a little scared. And that’s where the magic begins!)


But I don’t know what event I’d like to do?

That’s ok. As long as you are open and interested (read super, duper excited!) to find a physical challenge you are passionate about, we can (and would love) to help you!


Do I have to have Life Success Coaching sessions?

The short answer, yes.
These sessions allow you to take your physical training to the next level, tap into your strengths and set goals to move you forward into the successful life you desire. Even if you have a great life, can you improve on great? Yes of course you can!

Have you had someone focus all their time, interest, and energy into understanding what you want in life and then working with you to help you get there? That’s what Life Success Coaching offers. And they say, if you want something you’ve never had, you need to try something you’ve never done. Maybe that’s working with a Life Success Coach?!
Even if you’re currently working with an Executive Coach, Life Coach or any type of Coach or Mentor, these Life Success sessions will complement and build on what your’e already doing. Which will mean even more life success faster!


What’s involved in the Life Success Sessions?

Life Success Coaching is a process used to uncover and build on your core strengths, create an ideal future, and set achievable milestones to get you there.

Your Life Success Consultant’s role is to listen, guide, reflect back, question, challenge, but not direct you.
Ultimately the sessions are directed by you, but each session will be clearly defined and outcomes set and measured.

No we won’t have pot pourri or candles burning, and we won’t spend the whole time talking about your feelings, nor will we address your past in detail. This is now and forward focused, directed, goal achieving Life Success Coaching.

As your Life Success Coach will also be your Adventure, Fitness and Health Professional, you will also be able to discuss your training, nutrition, overall health and any other lifestyle challenges. We believe this to be the BEST possible service for you to keep you feeling positive, motivated, supported and held accountable along your success journey!


But I don’t really have the time

Everyone is always busy these days. We all don’t have enough time. Although lack of time is often used an an excuse for not exercising, not looking after your body, not eating well, not living your passions or living the life you want to; and it’s just that, an excuse. People who exercise regularly, are healthy, happy and successful have no more free time than anyone else. We consciously chose our priorities.
It’s important therefore that we really understand your life, your responsibilities, commitments, and more importantly how you want and like to live your life.

You’ll work with your Health Professional to find time in your schedule (we have tools to help you with that) so you can abolish the excuses and wedge your exercise and training into your life, not to design your life around your training. There is a big difference. We believe there is always a solution if you’re open to looking for it!


How long are the sessions?

We know everyone is busy, and sometimes finding the time to exercise can be a challenge. We know even when you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, or you’re training for an event, that you also have a life. Therefore we’ve designed our training to be the most super effective and time efficient possible. Our training is hard, intense but short (and only 35mins in total) leaving you time to actually live life.


You mentioned you won’t actually tell me what to eat, so how do I know what I have to eat?

Eating should be enjoyable, right? And if you you’re enjoying what you’re eating, then it’s easier to stick to.
And if you stick to your nutrition plan, then you’ll start to see and feel results right?
It’s simple, if you don’t like Broccoli, then Broccoli won’t be in your nutrition plan. We’ll encourage you to stick with foods mainly around the outside of the Supermarket and as natural as possible (not out of a packet) and we’ll give you information, guidelines, plans and support to help get you to your health and fitness goals. However we don’t have rigid eating plans and we certainly don’t put you on a diet. Although that does not mean for a second you won’t get help or not see results, we just make it as enjoyable and as easy as possible, and also makes sure you can have a life whilst on your nutrition plan.


What about if I want more focus on my diet and eating plan?

Then that’s great! We can help you.
Every nutrition plan is individually tailored to your own food preferences, lifestyle and goals. We will not tell you what and when to eat, but work with you to devise a manageable and successful nutritional plan.

We also have Supermarket Safari and At Home Sessions which are designed to enable you to make informed and practical shopping decisions, to achieve (out of your old jeans) success with your eating plan.
What do I need to bring?

Just you! Your Health professional will take care of the rest bringing your towel, drink bottle and any equipment you will need.
Although we do insist you bring your most positive, super excited attitude, your willingness to work hard and your desire to succeed!

What if I can’t make the session?

We need 48 hours notice in order to cancel a session, and sessions must be rescheduled and taken within the same week . Whilst we will do our very very best to accommodate you, we cannot promise we will


Will I be lifting weights?

Well it all depends if you want to get stronger in day to day life,  improve your muscular strength, tendon, bone and ligament strength, increase your metabolic rate and turn your body into a fat burning machine, give you more energy, help you look leaner, more toned, cut; help you get a better sleep, increase your confidence, self esteem, tolerance to pain and your overall quality of life. So yes, you sure will be lifting weights! How could you not want to?!


Do I have to run? What about if I don’t like running?

Then you don’t have to run! Sure running is a great way to get fit, burn fat and get you in shape (if combined with strength training) but if you don’t like it, then we’re not going to make you do it! It’s that simple!
We’ll work with you to find a form of exercise that you will enjoy, which means you’re more likely to stick with it, which means you’re more likely to get results. Bingo!
…although if you’ve decided to complete a Marathon, then don’t worry, you’ll learn to love running 🙂

What happens if it rains?

You (possibly) get wet! That’s it folks!
We’re pretty sure you’re not going to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West, so it’s game on!
PS No we don’t ever cancel sessions because of the rain.